brainstorming design principles

Design Principles are one of those key ingredients that shape the actual perceived usability & vision of a certain product under the hood, and that at a first glance could almost appear as the output of a bunch of meaningless marketing jargon but whose real purpose goes so far beyond…


That’s one interesting and nowadays perhaps too abused word which, nonetheless, represents such an important and universal concept.

What is, indeed, the essence of resilience?

How could we define this word without the risk of getting stuck and superficially trapped in the many possibile definitions?

Well, Psychology Today defines…

My Experience

Day 1

I still can’t believe I am actually going to attend NDC London, it’s been such a pleasingly unexpected surprise from the very beginning when I first got the news that I was selected to receive the final prize.

And now that the day has finally come…

Valentina Calabrese

Front-End Software Engineer & Tech enthusiast.

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